My Vegan Baker - Testimonials/FAQs
My Vegan Baker - Bringing freshly-baked vegan goodness to Northern Virginia.
"Firstly, I would like to thank you for your wonderful professionalism in discussing my order and seeing it through.  The exquisite chocolate raspberry ganache cake, along with the raspberry oat bars and chocolate chip brownies, were absolutely terrific.  Even though the birthday crowd was predominantly non-vegan, these uniquely flavorful desserts were loved by all.  We heard nothing but rave reviews.  I would have to add that the cake was surely among the most delicious that I have ever savored, and I cannot wait for an opportunity to have another!" --Ellen, Oakton, VA
"To say they were perfection would be to understate the cakes for no one knew there was this state for a vegan cake!  You have a new fan club of "They are vegan?!? Wow!"  Wonderful, beautiful, elegant, just as sweet as you'd like, moist, chocolaty, subtle flavors.  You are a wonder, Kristin!  Looking forward to more years of celebrations with you!  Very Grateful, Kristin." --Marlene, Falls Church, VA
"Although I have had the pleasure of trying several of My Vegan Baker's selections, I just have to share how impressed I was with my last order. A beautifully crafted and oh so delicious vanilla cake with an amazing mousse nestled between the layers. The textures and clean flavors this baker crafted into the cake were tantalizing. I am not a vegan but am a man who grew up in a home where my Mother and Grandmother baked weekly. This cake was not only delicious but brought back many pleasant memories as I enjoyed it with my family. If you love the taste of real and honest baked goods you have found your source here!" -- John, Fairfax, VA
"More than just amazing desserts, these cakes are conversation pieces and vegan converters.  I purchased a cake for the holidays and had some of the biggest vegan critics asking for seconds and claiming that they had no idea how incredibly moist and chocolaty a vegan dessert could be.  I also had a pretty tight turn around for one of my cakes (banana chocolate chip, which was also fabulous!) and Kristin is always super helpful and accommodating. I am so happy to finally have a vegan baker in the DC area who makes tasty and creative treats!" -- Chris, Leesburg, VA
"When my husband and I decided to get married 2,700 miles away from our home in Los Angeles, we had everything we could have hoped for - except cake! My Vegan Baker came to the rescue with four decadent, delightful desserts that literally wow'd our guests - almost all of whom were very, very concerned about our 'weird vegan' choices. We ordered four 9" round cakes - chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter chocolate and banana chocolate walnut - the last of which had everyone singing Kristin's praises! We couldn't have asked for more delicious vegan cakes made by a more personable, sweet businesswoman. We highly recommend My Vegan Baker, and will certainly be giving Kristin a call when we move back east." --Alexa, Los Angeles, CA
"My two-year-old son has several food allergies and being that I am not much of a baker, I was really worried about what to do for his birthday.  I was so relieved to find My Vegan Baker.  Kristin was completely accommodating and understanding of Jack's food allergies.  The Banana Split Cake was beyond amazing -- so many of the guests were amazed to find out that it was not only allergy friendly but a vegan cake.  The cupcakes for the the kids were also delicious and a big hit.  I am so happy that I will not have to stress about future birthdays!  Thank you so much..." -- Cindy, Arlington, VA
"I wanted something special for my wife's birthday, and a co-worker had recommended My Vegan Baker.  I got the Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight Cake and the blueberry oat squares and was absolutely blown away at how good everything was.  The cake was so moist and rich, we had no problem feeding everyone at the party.  I will definitely go back, and give my highest possible recommendation to anyone in the area, vegan or non vegan,  to check out MVB.  The food is delicious and the service is friendly and fantastic." 
 -- Ken, Arlington, VA
"The Cookies and Cream Cupcakes and Banana Split Cake were a great hit!! It was nice to show everyone that vegan can taste really good. I have to get the cupcakes again since there were none even left for me to try : )  Thanks again for making the experience of having cake at your birthday a reality for my son, he loved it!"--Evelyn, Vienna, VA
"Thank you so much, Kristin!  It was actually VERY delicious!!...  I am not vegan but I enjoyed the 'old fashioned' taste of know, like back in the day when grandma used really good, fresh ingredients!" --Di, Springfield, VA
"My boys absolutely loved the cupcakes!!!!!  They had three each yesterday.  Steven said, "I just can't stop eating them!"  I have to say that I agree with them.  I ate one and it was extremely delicious!" -- Judy, Burke, VA
"Do you have a storefront?"
    --No, at this time, everything is made to order out of my home.
"What exactly does 'vegan' mean?"
     --Vegan means no animal products of any kind are used.  This includes honey.  As such, allergies to dairy and/or eggs are not an issue.
"Do you deliver?"
     -- No.  Orders are picked up at my home.
"May I pay by credit card?"
    --I accept cash or check only at this time.
"How much notice do you need?"
  -- I prefer 72 hours notice.  Need something sooner?  Sometimes rush orders are available for an additional $25.
"Do you also have gluten free options?"
  -- YES!  Please see our menu.
"Are you on Facebook?"
  --YES!  And, you can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 
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